Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily News in Maldives and initiations of Freedom of Express.

There are few in numbers of daily news papers in Maldives. The longest serving newspapers are Haveeru and Aafathis and Miadhi respectively. The owners or founder members of these news papers are the higher profiles and oldguards of Maumoons 30 years regime. Links are

Haveeru    - Haveeru daily news paper
Aafathis    - Aafathis daily news papers
Miadhu     - Miadhu daily news papers.

During regime of Maumoon Abdull Gayyoom era, he had strictly controlled all short of local media. Frankly speaking people of Maldives was lost their freedom of express. It was banned to write or speech about anything that the government was not interested. However, the world is changing day by day and information technology has been widening in an unexpected speed, as a result of this Maldivian are know the government works. At the same time some Maldivian hidden agents are working abroad in collaboration with world influenced countries and societies to get a good governing democratic system in Maldives. So pressure from these countries facing to Maldives, eventually Mr. Gayyoom announced to the public that he is willing to have a democratic system in Maldives and also intending to give freedom of express to its people. This gathering was inaugurated in the year 2006 or 2007 in the Islamic Centre conference hall. Peoples in this meeting really express their happiness and thanks for the government for these initiations.

My First Blog Page

Hi Readers,
This is my first blog page testing the features of i am quite new for this and trying to test how it works. Finally i have all most all short of information about the arrangement of the blog. It is really easily any one who is literate in english and know clicking buttons from mouse can make his/her own blog. I just mention here it is easy now you have question your mind why? It is easy because all important informations (like, templates, buttons, coding windows etc.) are available from control panel. The more you swim deep in something the more you find and have opportunity to increase you knowledge. Generally you can blog anything you like but within the boundary moral ethic of mankind. I just remind you to pass necessary information among us.