Thursday, August 2, 2012

Middle of the Holy Month of Ramazan 1433

All Muslim Brothers & Sister
In the wake of Ramazan and quick approach of Hajju help Muslims to boost spiritually, and make our heart soft and well being in meeting with each other. Spreading Salaam is one of the pleasing act in Islam. Now we are in the middle of the holy month of Ramazan. The days can be passed just blinking of an eye and conscious to make used of the month fully in a beneficial manner. During the month of Ramazan you are spending the whole day without food, drink and sexual interaction, this may result you hunger and thirsty but on the other hand you physical bodily activities is in the rest and you are having opportunity make powerful spiritually. It has been noted here that how many peoples is deprive from food and drink during the day of Ramazan but that would not reward them anyway due to their misbehaviour and islamically illegal activities. It is the duty of the Muslims to be more good and lenient specially in the blessed months. The seeds that he/she cultivate of the this month will help to get the fruit thereafter and hereafter too. It is also a month of helping one another, wondering what we can do to offer assistance and support to our community and our Ummah as whole. Maybe you cooperated in relief efforts to handout food and clothing to the homeless. You likely felt a wave of spiritual uplift and you were probably riding a spiritual high.
I thank all reader of this short notes and make their deeds perfect in the Month of Ramazan, may Allah blessed you this month and increase your state of Eeman. . . . . . . . . .